Did you know..... that there were magic shows in Egypt 4200 BC ? The first magic book " Discovery of Witchcraft" appeared in 1584. This was written by the Englishman Reginat Scott. Most people have only just become acquainted with magic that takes place on the stage, but a new concept from America demonstrates, that magic be also fascinating without the protection of the distance of the stage. This modern concept is called " Close-Up-Magic".

What is Close-Up-Magic?

  • It is a small room with a comfortable atmosphere. There are a few spectators, all sitting around a table, chatting, waiting anxiously for the unexpected to happen.

  • The magician takes either rings, balls or he asks for a few coins from one of the spectators.

  • All eyes are concentrated on him. Without special illuminated lights and without a stage, he performs magic with these everyday things. With the greatest of ease he appears to pull the coins through the table. He carries out all his movements in slow motion under the eyes of the spectators.

  • You can speak to the magician at any time - the close contact to the audience distinguishes this modern field of magic.

  • All tricks and illusions are performed in full view of the audience, who is also encouraged to take part in the show. It´s " magic that can be touched " right in front of the audience - for example it can be done during an official reception, between the courses of a gala dinner or at a trade fair stand. The swiftness of the hand deceives the eye and congers up unbelievable tricks and provides great entertainment.

Fairness is a constant characteristic of our performances. Our audience can control all of our instruments after the show.

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